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Wednesday 02 December 2020
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Chapel of the Priors

Sala PrioriA chapel dedicated to St Bernard in the area of the Palace set aside for the Priors is known to have existed in the 14th century but its precise original location is unknown. Gonfaloniere Piero Soderini commissioned Baccio d'Agnolo to build the present chapel at the time of the first Republic in 1511, though building work continued after the return of the Medici in 1512. Ridolfo del Ghirlandaio, son of the better known Domenico, decorated it with religious themes, scrolls, Florentine emblems and ornamental motifs on a gold background imitating mosaic work. The vaults echo the ceiling of Raphael's Stanza della Segnatura in the Vatican. Thirty-two Latin inscriptions from the Bible and Classical or early Christian writers declaim the moral and religious principles that were supposed to guide the decisions of the government officials who gathered to pray here. The chapel was also home to Treasury of the Signoria's archives and most treasured possessions, including the famous Digest of Justinian codex (533), which was removed from the city of Pisa and is kept, along with a rare Greek evangelistary (9th century), in the aumbry to the right of the altar, as recorded by an inscription in the grille painted on the aumbry doors (now in the Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana in Florence).

Wall paintings: Ridolfo Bigordi known as Ridolfo del Ghirlandaio, fresco, 1511-1514

Colomba Spirito Santo


The dove of the Holy Spirit among the Apostles
- St Peter and St John the Evangelist
- St Andrew
- St James the Lesser and St Philip
- St Bartholomew
- St Matthew and St Jude Thaddeus
- St Simon (or Matthias)
- St Paul and St Thomas
- St James the Greater












The Holy Trinity
The Evangelists John, Mark, Matthew and Luke



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