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Wednesday 02 December 2020
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Chapel of Eleonora

 Cappella Eleonora InteroThe private chapel of the Duchess Eleonora of Toledo, built by walling off the first bay of an existing room (1539-1540) and decorated by Agnolo Bronzino at intervals between 1540 and 1565, is one of the loftiest masterpieces of Florentine Mannerism. It celebrates the Medici dynasty in a complex iconographical programme built around the Eucharist, in other words, Christ who died to save mankind. The frescoes in the vault refer to the Apocalypse. The dialogue between the altarpiece with its Deposition and the three walls with their stories of Moses presaging Christ's sacrifice and the mystery of the Eucharist, points to the link between the Old and New Testaments. Bronzino himself changed the three oil-on-panel paintings on the back wall over time (1545-1564). The present Deposition replaced an earlier, almost identical version which Cosimo gave to Emperor Charles V's secretary (Besançon, Musée des Beaux-Arts); the panels with the Annunciation replaced a St John the Baptist (Los Angeles, J. Paul Getty Museum) and a St Cosmas (fragment in a private collection).

Paintings: Agnolo di Cosimo, known as Bronzino, 1540-1565, fresco and oil on panel 

soffitto Cppella Eleonora


- Head with three faces, symbolising the Holy Trinity
- St Michael the Archangel defeats the Devil
- St John the Evangelist
- St Jerome Penintent
- St Francis receives the stigmata
- Cardinal virtues


 5Agnolo Bronzino,deposizione





  3. Deposition of Christ, oil on wood



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