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Wednesday 02 December 2020
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Room of the Sabines

Latin historian Livy tells us that after founding Rome, King Romulus deceitfully abducted the womenfolk of the neighbouring Sabine tribes and brought them to his new city. The Sabines declared war on Rome, but their women, led by Ersilia who had married Romulus, averted the clash between the two peoples by entering the fray and calling for peace. The episode, depicted in the centre of the ceiling, celebrates the womanly virtue of mediation.

Paintings: Giorgio Vasari and Giovanni Stradano, oil on Wood (ceiling) and fresco (frieze)
Frames: Battista Botticelli, gilded stucco and wood

The Sabine women make peace between their own people and the Romans1G. Stradano su disegno di G. Vasari, Le donne sabine mettono pace tra i Romani e i Sabini

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