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Wednesday 02 December 2020
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Room of Opis

 This room is named after Opis, wife of Saturn and goddess of prosperity. It lies immediately above the Room of Lorenzo the Magnificent, whose diplomatic talents were acknowledged and appreciated by numerous monarchs just as Opis was worshipped by numerous peoples. The goddess appears in the centre of the ceiling surrounded by allegories of the seasons and of the months of the year, each shown with its matching star sign.

Paintings: Giorgio Vasari, Cristofano Gherardi and Marco Marchetti da Faenza, oil on wood (ceiling) and fresco (frieze)
Floor with ducal emblems: Santi Buglioni, terracotta

12G. Vasari e C. Gherardi, La dea Opi

The goddess Opis in triumph on a chariot drawn by lions with armed priests going before

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